Miss Breanna - Nest Teacher

Originally from New Jersey in the United States, I was raised in a very large family. I have 23 first cousins, all being a lot younger than me. It was from growing up with such a big family, and being raised in a time of endless fun as a child that made me see how amazing children are! Watching children grow into something more every single day, is the greatest gift as a teacher. A single laugh or a smile, can change everything about any given day. Children amaze me by the way they adjust, and adapt to learning new things daily. I have a passion with children and I always have. I earned my Elementary Education degree back in New Jersey, and have been working with children for many years now. Moving here to Grand Cayman has given me the chance to see kids use their natural resources such as the beach, parks, and the great outdoors to play with. I love to go to the beach, spend quality time with friends, and travel! I am a major Disney fan, so I myself am a child at heart as well!