Ms. Bonnie  Toddler Teacher, Island Montessori

Ms. Bonnie

Toddler Teacher, Island Montessori

Ms. Bonnie Toddler Teacher

Ms. Bonnie was born in London and moved to Cayman in 2012 with her husband as newlyweds. A natural mother hen, she grew up with 4 younger brothers so when her two boys were born she knew just what to do!

She started out as a marketing assistant in music and sound production in London which led to a career in financial services, mainly in insurance and hedge funds. Arriving in the Cayman Islands, she quickly established herself as a highly efficient event planner and marketer organising conferences, sports tournaments and business events on Island.

Her two boys attended Island Montessori from 15 months and 6 weeks respectively and as a Montessori parent of 4+ years she has witnessed the quality of early education her sons received. It also made her curious as to how the Montessori methods worked and in January 2017 she asked Ms. Clare if she could volunteer one day a week. That led to huge enjoyment and appreciation of the Toddler programme and a desire to achieve her NAMC Diploma in 0-3 early years.

Ms. Bonnie is impressed with how independent and happy the children are and her flare for the dramatic means she loves story time and singing!