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4 years and up

Our newest class at Island Montessori is the Kindergarten class (KG). Our KG is an amalgamation of the very best practices from Montessori and those of the English National Curriculum and led by two qualified teachers with a vast wealth of experience - one British Primary Education trained, and the other a bilingual Montessori-trained science teacher. The class follows the current English National Curriculum format and is aligned to the Cayman Education Curriculum requirements, for a seamless transition into the mainstream Cayman primary schools.

Our planning, teaching and assessment practices follow these objectives and expectations, although we use Montessori equipment and activities to deliver these objectives when appropriate. We also incorporate a wide range of resources, including iPads and computers.

Our bright and spacious new Kindergarten classroom has different areas for group work, independent work, play and study. Lessons will be differentiated according to individual student need, ability and age, with Literacy, Numeracy, Story Time and Circle Time taught on a daily basis. Science, IT, Art, Music, Geography, and History will be theme-based and linked in to topical work. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) will be delivered through our daily Circle Times and in everything we do.

Throughout the week the children will receive specialist physical education on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as French and Science lessons, while still allowing generous amounts of time for indoor and outdoor play and exploration. Our expansive 1.5-acre garden is used as an outdoor classroom where we explore nature, exercise, conduct science experiments and play sports and games.

We are passionate about instilling a love for learning in our class, ensuring the highest level of achievement both academically and socially as we aim to create ‘lifelong learners’.