Our Classes

At Island Montessori we have created a nurturing environment, committed to the development of the 'whole child'. Our classrooms are carefully prepared and guided by qualified and experienced Montessori professionals. We provide appropriate learning opportunities for each child to develop at his or her own pace. Our classes are organised to support children at each of three key developmental phases 

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Babies 3 months and up

Our Nest infant programme is the only one of its kind on island. We use the national Early Childhood Curriculum Guidelines in accordance with our Montessori principles to provide a gentle learning atmosphere where babies thrive. Led by Montessori qualified and experienced staff who work in a special Nest classroom, a beautiful home like environment with the spaces and materials carefully chosen to help your baby flourish at this key developmental stage.


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16 months and up

Movement is the key to toddler happiness and development. Our nurturing, experienced Montessori teachers implement a curriculum designed to satisfy their social, physical and cognitive needs for learning and play with special attention on each child's individual speech and language development,  fine motor and gross motor skills,  social interactions while encouraging their natural drive for independence. We are delighted to offer our children an abundance of space, both indoors and outdoors, enabling them to satisfy their natural curiosity and need to move. Our Toddlers have weekly sports play, introduction to French and nature lessons. 



2.5 years and up, fully toilet trained

Led by our Montessori qualified, dedicated teachers the carefully prepared Casa class is bright and spacious, filled with beautiful materials. We implement a curriculum which encompasses  five major learning areas - language, mathematics, sensorial, practical life and cultural studies. We recognize no two children are the same and we embrace the Montessori philosophy of 'follow the child', adapting our programmes when necessary for each child's individual needs. These children are carefully prepared for their next learning experience. This is the beauty of the Montessori learning environment, each child is encouraged to find their own way at their own pace. Our expansive garden is used as an outdoor classroom where we explore nature, exercise, conduct science experience, play sports and games.