Founded by working mothers, Island Montessori was created to provide quality learning in a beautiful, spacious setting designed to nurture your child’s individual potential and help them flourish at this critical stage of their development. 

Led by an outstanding team of highly qualified, engaged teachers we set out each day to offer the best early childhood learning experience for children whose families appreciate and support the Montessori philosophy. 

We combine our passion for early childhood education with an inclusive culture of curiosity, respect and flexibility that helps your child and your family thrive.


At Island Montessori our little learners draw as much inspiration from nature and being in the tropical outdoors as they do from the guided activities inside our classrooms.
— Founders

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a nurturing environment, committed to the development of the 'whole child'. We believe in fostering leadership, independence, self-confidence and curiosity as part of the natural development of our young students. We believe that children flourish in a welcoming and inclusive environment. With a wide array of age appropriate learning opportunities we are here to enable and challenge children to develop at their own pace.

We adhere to, but are not limited by, the Montessori philosophy. Our classrooms are carefully prepared and guided by qualified and experienced Montessori trained professionals.